WakingApp Hosting (Traffic)

  • Upon registration - Every user receives 1 gigabyte of free traffic. What does that mean?

    Every time you download a project, the amount of MB that is downloaded is decreased from the 1 GB bank. bank. When you reach 0 (or less than your project’s weight) you won’t be able to download the project anymore and an error message will appear with “Insufficient Traffic”.

    In order to avoid using traffic, you can always test your project inside the WakingApp AR Studio before downloading it to the app. Just use the ‘Play’ button inside the WakingApp AR Studio in order to test the functionality of your project.

    If you need more than 1 GB you can purchase 100 GB for the price of 25$ / month.

    Please note that uploading a project doesn’t affect any of your online traffic, only downloading.

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