My Application crashes on Android/iPhone

  • If your application crashes on your mobile device (Android/iPhone) it might occur for many reasons.
    In order to avoid such crashes, you should keep your project as light as possible, unless it is necessary to the experience.

    1. keep your images as small as possible:
      An image file is a highly compressed format. the real size is drastically larger in the device memory and is mainly determined by image size.
      So keeping the images just as small as you need them, and nothing more is very important.
    • button icons can be as small as 128x128 or 256x256.
    • try minimizing the use of images that are larger than 512x512, and do not use images larger than 2048x2048 (even then, no more than 1-2). many projects have crashed due to a single 10mb image that terrorized the device's ram.
    • .png images are usually 33% heavier than .jpg images. if you don't need a transparent background, prefer using .jpg
    1. The model texture is an image
      when importing or creating models, their textures are also images, make sure they obey the rule in tip 1.

    2. Keep model size reasonable
      Below 10,000 poly with reasonable size textures as mentioned in tip 2

    3. Avoid Oversize Videos
      WakingApp AR Studio doesn't limit your video's size.
      however, try to not exceed 50mb, and avoid 4k videos.

    remember that 1second of a video is about the same as 30-60 images of that size. so FullHD video for on a small window may not be much of a difference for the user, but definitely will for his device and his overall experience.

    5. As much as you want, there is no restriction on this part.

    Ensure those steps and you can be quite confident that your project will run on most devices without crashes.

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